Late at night, a message

Is this a case of phenomenology?
Is this a metaphysical prank?
Is this a case of randomness?
Does randomness exist?
Is this just desperate wanting?

Although I am currently reading
and loving
Bertrand Russel's "Why I am not a Christian",
I still have a small soft spot for some of
the aesthetic aspects of the church.


Sharing the joy
of silly friends
in Denver.
Crazy-town, USA


I have resolutions
and not the
John Coltrane piece.
Thanks Yoko.

You're welcome, Bunny

I have this strange obsession of taking photos of graffiti--bathroom scribbles, wall scrawls, dripping paint on bricks. This is a new gem for my collection.


Denver, Colorado

Calm buddhist corner
Denver, Colorado
Writing conference

Breakfast spot...
I will miss the spot
of course.
But more than that,
the yogurt.
Greek yogurt
with local honey is
beyond amazing.
Till next year Aegean.


Leaving Tucson

i will never forget
santorini. i leave in a
couple of hours
and i will surely
long for this place
and carver
and chatwin
and plath...
goodbye for now


I made a bookshelf today
out of things that were
previously slated for
It currently houses some
Deutsch books
and some others
that I have not read
none of which
will burn...


I am the bubbles
not the girl.


there are boat houses
carved into the volcanic
cliffs here.
They contain boats that are as
old and worn as the doors
that keep them safe.
I see paintings

El Tiradito~ Early morning, Easter